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  • 8/2/2021 - The Importance Of An Oil Change
    An oil change is a great preventive step to keep you car running clean and smooth. It puts fresh oil into your car. It takes out the old oil that can become filled with dust, metallic shavings or other contaminants.
  • 8/3/2021 - Auto Repair & Service Reviews and Testimonials
    We think we do a great job but don't take our word for it. Many of our customers are glad to share their experience with us. "Consistent Quality Service" is what you can expect!"
  • 8/3/2021 - Midas Hawaii Auto Repair & Service Newsletter August 2021
    We focus on sharing with you great videos and tips on how to SAVE MONEY, maintain your vehicle and stay safe on the road. Also new online products and more.
  • 8/9/2021 - Midas Hawaii Can Help You Save Money On Headlights
    Do your headlights have scratches and discoloration? Save big money by restoring your headlights instead of replacing them!
  • 8/16/2021 - Clean Up Your Act With Midas Hawaii's Fuel & Induction Service
    Maintenance of your car's fuel injectors is important to help maximize performance and reduce harmful emissions.
  • 8/18/2021 - Midas Hawaii Tire and Auto Repair Interview on KHON TV (Living808)
    Hawaii owned business, Midas Hawaii Tire & Auto Repair was featured on Living808 TV show discussing a variety of car service needs to Hawaii residents.
  • 8/23/2021 - Check Your Wheel Alignment At Midas Hawaii
    Losing your wheel alignment is a slow and gradual process and can be difficult to notice. You should have your wheel alignment checked anytime you install new tires or if you hit a pot hole or a curb and you notice your steering wheel is not centered.
  • 8/30/2021 - Is It Time For a Tune-Up?
    A well-tuned engine delivers the best balance of power and fuel economy and produces the lowest level of emissions. A routine tune-up will help restore your car to its normal operating state and contribute to the overall efficiency of the engine and emissions system.

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