• 12/1/2020 - Midas Hawaii Auto Repair & Service Newsletter December 2020
    We focus on sharing with you great videos and tips on how to SAVE MONEY, maintain your vehicle and stay safe on the road. Also new online products and more.
  • 12/2/2020 - 10 New Midas Hawaii Auto Repair & Service Testimonials
    We think we do a great job but don't take our word for it. Many of our customers are glad to share their experience with us. "Consistent Quality Service" is what you can expect!"
  • 12/7/2020 - Auto Tip: How To Increase Fuel Efficiency While Driving
    Watch this video demonstrates some things you can do while driving to increase the fuel efficiency of your car and save money on gas.
  • 12/14/2020 - Benefits of a Brake Flush
    Replacing your vehicle's brake fluid helps maintain correct pedal pressure and prevent corrosion deposits from forming on Anti-lock Brake System pumps and other brake hydraulic parts.
  • 12/21/2020 - Midas Hawaii Tire Service
    Midas Hawaii has you covered! In addition to being North America's leader in brake and exhaust services, Midas provides expert tire service and sales with genuine.s
  • 12/28/2020 - Night Defensive Driving Tips
    Dusk and dawn are difficult times to drive as your eyes constantly adjust to the changing light conditions so always stay focused when driving at these times. Read our complete Night Driving Tips to help you stay safe on the road.

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