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  • SpeeDee Tune Up Hawaii

SpeeDee Tune Up Hawaii
Is your car running rough? Is it difficult to start? Do you have poor acceleration, hesitation, or loss of power? Do you hear knocking, backfiring, or the engine misfiring? Does your car stall when the engine is hot or cold or when using the air conditioner? Does the engine continue to run after you turn the ignition off? Are you getting less miles per gallon?

Maybe it's time for a diagnostic check up service at SpeeDee. Our trained technicians are tune-up and auto repair specialists.

Choose the Tune-Up service that is right for you:

Maintenance Tune-Up:
  • A thorough under-hood inspection of engine components
  • Replace spark plugs
  • (platinum and iridium plugs available)
  • Scan On-Board Computer Data
  • Inspect Fuel Lines, Air Filter and Ignition Wires
  • As Applicable, Inspect Distributor Cap, Rotor, PCV Valve and Breather
  • 12 Month/12,000 Mile Limited Warranty*
SpeeDee Major Tune-Up Major Tune-Up:
  • Includes all Maintenance Tune-Up features PLUS
  • Replace Air Filter
  • As Applicable, Replace Distributor Cap, Rotor, Fuel Filter, PCV Valve, and Breather
  • 12 Month/12,000 Mile Limited Warranty*
SpeeDee High Performance Tune-Up High Performance Tune-Up:
  • Includes all Major Tune-Up features PLUS
  • Fuel System Cleaning
  • 12 Month/12,000 Mile Limited Warranty*
SpeeDee Tune-Up Platinum Tune-Up:
  • Replace Spark Plugs with Platinum Spark Plugs
  • (iridium plugs available)
  • Fuel System Cleaning
  • Scan On-Board Computer Data
  • Inspect Fuel Lines
  • As Applicable, Replace Air Filter, Fuel Filter and PCV Valve, and Inspect Ignition Wires
  • 12 Month/12,000 Mile Limited Warranty*

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