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  • Maintenance - Auto Repair & Service

Maintenance - Auto Repair & Service

Preventive Auto Maintenance & Oil Change Service

At Midas, we're committed to the safety and reliability of your vehicle. In fact, our mechanics are trained to perform factory-recommended maintenance services for most vehicles. The Midas Touch™ Maintenance Package includes an oil and filter change, tire rotation and a visual check of your vehicle's major systems: engine, transmission, brakes, steering, starting and charging, heating and cooling, and lighting. Our expert mechanics can recommend the right maintenance services to help prolong the life of your car and avoid costly repairs in the future.

The Midas Touch™ Maintenance Package
Midas Touch maintenance is a great way to keep your vehicle running smooth and strong, helping to ensure your vehicle's safety and reliability...and providing you with increased peace of mind.

This is more than just an oil change. Our expert and experienced mechanics will replace your vehicle's oil with the manufacturer-recommended weight and grade, change the oil filter, rotate all four tires, and perform a visual courtesy check on your vehicle's major systems, including brakes.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance
Your car is one of your largest investments...so let us help you protect it. Factory-scheduled maintenance can help extend the life of your car and prevent high-cost auto repairs.

At Midas, we understand how important your car is to you and we know your car's needs. We can help you follow its factory-recommended maintenance schedule.

So stop by today and pick up a free print-out of your vehicle manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule.

Count on Midas Touch maintenance. Visit your neighborhood shop and let us help you keep your car going strong and prevent high-cost auto repairs.

Q: I want to make sure I'm covered under my car warranty, do I have to go to the dealer to be covered for maintenance?

A: No. You definitely do not have to complete all your factory scheduled maintenance at a dealer to maintain coverage under your warranty. In fact, by law, as long as you follow the maintenance schedule recommended by your manufacturer, you can have maintenance completed anywhere. At every Midas, we have the factory scheduled maintenance for vehicles, or bring in your owner's manual to review with us.

Q: I want to hang onto my '99 Honda (it's finally paid off) for as long as possible, but hate to pay for things I don't really need. Is there any maintenance that is more important than others?

A: Regular maintenance on your car is important. It's hard to tell you changing your oil is more important that changing a worn belt. You can run into high costs if you ignore both. For most people, their car is their second biggest investment after their home. Budget for preventive maintenance today and keep your car in good order. Without proper maintenance, you may be in line for costly major repairs, or a breakdown and need a new vehicle. Proper maintenance can also make your vehicle safer, more fuel efficient, and possibly even retain more value if you decide to sell or trade in the future.

Q: Air filters, engine oil weight, brake fluid, coolant, tire wear...how am I supposed to know about all this stuff, much less keep up with what needs to be checked and when?

A: With the help of your friendly Midas mechanic, you don't have to be an auto expert. From our Midas Touch™ Maintenance Package to our Midas Touch™ Courtesy Check, we'll help you become more comfortable with your vehicle's factory scheduled maintenance needs as well as help improve your knowledge of what to watch for and be aware of should a problem occur.

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