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  • Hawaii Safety Check Inspection Frequently Asked Questions - What to Expect

Hawaii Safety Check Auto Inspection Frequently Asked Questions - Midas Hawa Back to the top

Hawaii Safety Check Inspection Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Paradise!

So, you are ready to get your vehicle inspected and licensed in Hawaii, the following is what you should expect.

  1. You will need to visit an authorized state inspection station (Midas has many on the islands).
  2. You will need to bring in your current registration from whatever state the vehicle is from.
  3. You will need to bring in THE ORIGINAL Hawaii car insurance card or if available your insurance app on your smart phone.

After review of the forms listed above the safety check inspector will do the inspection and he/she will check the items listed below.

If the vehicle is from out of state it will fail the inspection due to out of state registration (this failure is what triggers the state of Hawaii to be able to give you a new Hawaii registration). After the safety inspector fails your vehicle for out of state registration you will be required to pay for the inspection at that time (approximately $20). The safety inspector will give you paperwork and you will need to take that to your local Hawaii DMV where they will give you your new Hawaii registration. Bring the new registration back to the safety check inspection station

and the safety inspector will install your safety check sticker.

The following is what is to be checked by the safety check inspector per Hawaii state law.


  • Any component is missing, improperly mounted, has excessive play, wear, binding, or leakage.


  • Any wandering or unusual tread wear


  • Looseness, bottoming, or excessive wear on any component


  • Tread depth is below 1/16 of an inch
  • There are cuts, bumps, budges, knots, snags or showing cords or belts
  • Does not display the "DOT" symbol on the sidewall
  • Rubs or touches other parts of the vehicle
  • Are of different sizes or types on the same axle


  • Fasteners are missing, improperly mounted, excessively worn, rusted, or damaged
  • Rim is cracked, dented, bent, repaired by welding or brazing, or improperly mounted


  • Systems that fail to exit the undercarriage of the vehicle behind the rear tires, leaks, cut-outs, or non permanent repairs, or excessively noisy systems


  • Any component of the system is missing, improperly mounted, not of an approved material, leaks, cracked, broken, cut, or improperly repaired.


  • Any leaks in the system
  • Excessive pedal travel, spongy or fading pedal
  • Pad or shoe linings damaged or below wear limit
  • Rotors or drums excessively grooved, beyond wear limit, cracked, or damaged
  • Lines or hoses cracked, cut, stretched, or improperly installed
  • When vehicle is tested for a straight stop, vehicle pulls to right or left
  • Broken, missing, or improperly installed components


  • Does not hold the vehicle when applied in forward gear at double the idle rpm


  • Any lamp on the vehicle is not working, not mounted properly, is the wrong color, has cracked or broken lenses, is obscured by stickers, tape, or tinted lenses
  • eadlamps. fog lamps, driving lamps are improperly aimed or of insufficient candlepower


  • Cannot be heard from 200 feet away, horn button is not easily accessible


  • Sunscreening material extends below 4" from the top of the windshield measured in the center, or below the AS-1 line as marked at the edge of the windshield
  • Tint on any other window of a passenger car measures below 29%as measured on -inspection station equipment
  • Tint on windows to the immediate left & right of the driver of a truck or van having both right and left outside rear view mirrors measures below 29%as measured on inspection station equipment


  • Any cracks, chips, scratches or discoloration on any part of the windshield.


  • Any window glass is missing, has cracks, discolorations, chips, scratches, stickers, or decals that obscure the driver's vision
  • Has sharp, exposed edges
  • Is of an unapproved material or is improperly installed
  • Driver's window regulator is inoperative


  • Any component is improperly mounted, missing, or damaged
  • Wipers are too slow, smear, or streak
  • Blades are improperly mounted, damaged, missing, hard, or do not completely clear water from wiped area


  • Are improperly mounted, missing, cracked, discolored, or obscured.


  • Registration certificate is not original, is expired, not with the vehicle, is unreadable or otherwise not valid
  • Vehicle's description, identification number, license plate number, or validation sticker number is not in agreement with the registration certificate
  • License plate or plates missing, improperly mounted, not legible, or obscured
  • Front plate not mounted if registered in a state or locality which issues two plates


  • Not secure or inoperable from both inside and outside vehicle


  • Seats are missing, broken, improperly mounted, or slip out of set position
  • Belts are missing, improperly mounted, frayed, deteriorated, are not an approved type, or have buckles that do not operate properly


  • Are missing, improperly mounted, have sharp edges or protruding parts which cause a hazard to passersby, or do not cover the width of the tire tread


  • Are missing, improperly mounted, fail to extend beyond lights, made of an unapproved material (i.e.. wood), or damaged to the extent that sharp edges or protrusions are hazardous to passersby


  • Conditions which create a hazard to occupants
    Holes which allow exhaust gasses to enter the passenger compartment


  • Doors missing, improperly mounted, or inoperable
  • Missing or inoperative shift quadrant indicator (automatic transmission)


  • Is missing, improperly mounted, obscured, or not functioning properly

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