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Auto Repair and Service Hawaii

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Automotive and Car System Flushes - Auto Repair & Service

As time goes on, the engine, power steering, cooling and brake system builds solid deposits that can can create big problems long term. A quick, inexpensive flush can keep the these systems in shape. Below are the fluses we recommend you do base on your Vehicle Factory-Recommended Maintenance . Click on the link to view our internet online discount sale special.
Engine Flush - Auto Repair & Service
Improve Your Gas Mileage ** Removes Dirt & Deposits ** Extends Engine Life ** Reduces Wear. Click on link to get internet online sale special. More...
Transmission Flush - Auto Repair & Service
New fluid, new filter, rids the tranmission of harmful particles that can stop up your orifices and wear the transmission further. Click on link to get internet online sale special. More...
Power Steering Flush - Auto Repair & Service
Cleans deposits and debris from power steering systems. stop and prevent premature wear by removing abrasive particles. Promotes smoother, quieter performance. Click on link to get internet online sale special. More...
Brake Flush - Auto Repair & Service
Help prevents rusting, line leakage and deterioration of the rubble seals and more. Click on link to get internet online sale special. More...
Coolant / Radiator Flush - Auto Repair & Service
Removes contaminates, removes rust/scale deposits, lubricate the water pump, protect against rust and foam. Click on link to get internet online sale special. More...

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